Poop and Worm Queue

Poop Queue:
  • Marsi plants died, no longer needs fertilizer
  • Not Tony, per comment posted on Tony's Impromptu Garden, 120810
    • I've got a batch prepping and expect it to be ready Monday, 122010, so get ready!
  • Lori, my neighbor
  • Bill, per comment posted on I Need to Retract a Previous Statement
  • Kimberly, gallon annually, 061411
  • Cang, a little batch, about a cup per conversation 061011, 061311
  • Tony, who got a worm bin and compost bin from his city 061110! Can't wait to hear about it! 071411
  • Bill so he can get a free dinner from Andrew and Lucy, or whoever those people are across the street, even though he gave his first and only batch to Tony
  • Luis, who almost had a stroke over posting a comment, is scootched down on the list because he's "between houses"
  • Ali, not the lemon one who moved to Dominica, the other one because he leaves food for the worms in the freezer at work
  • Doug
  • Marsi, 022312
  • Bill, for his plumerias, 030512
  • Kimberly
  • Luis, 032712
  • Ali, who has a pomegranate bush/tree growing like mad from the last batch, 061812
  • Bethany, 040512
  • Benny, 062712
  • Luis
  • Henry, 072312
  • Ken
Worm Queue:
  • Chuck 061311
  • Tony, per his request, 061011 a bunch are in the batch I gave him 071411, but I think I might give him more when I clean out Bill's batch