Monday, April 30, 2012

Growing Celery from Celery, Week 4

The celery leaves were lookin' good, the stalks were still stalky, but there wasn't any extreme growth happening.

Apparently, all of the plant energy was going into the roots. What looked like a nubbin of a baby tooth the week before was really long and even had a sister root. Both of them were smooshed against the cut bottom of the celery as they'd been pinned between it and the container.

It was time to let the roots grown like they were meant to, downward in some dirt. I had purchased some Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix for another something and used some on the celery.

I dumped some of the mix into a pot, made a little well in the mix, plunked the celery in there, mooshed some more mix around the celery so just the new green growth was sticking out, put the pot in the old Glad container, and watered the celery.

Spooky conveyed to me, "I'm concerned about the quantity of attention you pay this simple plant. I feel neglected. It seems you love this green inedible thing, I can't believe I'm saying this, but that you love it more than me." And I was all, "Dude, c'mon! Get out of the friggidy frackin' light!" I think I hurt his feelings.

Because I went to work and came home and found this horror!*
*Ok, not exactly, but very close. I started cleaning up the mess, realized how wet the dirt was and that sucking it up in my Bissell immediately probably wouldn't be the brightest thing to do. I see I neglected to return the celery to the scene of the crime.
Thankfully I'd purchased Chobani yogurt to make dumb, gross lemon muffins and saved the container for recycling and was too lazy to take it to the recycling center promptly.
Some of the broken clay pot went into the bottom of the container (for weight and to prevent celery drowning) before fresh wet dirt from the floor was used to repot the once-potted celery.

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