Sunday, December 14, 2014

Garbo's Better, Sort Of

Garbo's Elizabethan collar was finally off for good by November 1.

She had figured out how to get it off once about a week after she first got it, early October. I cleaned the e-collar of dried Garbo snot and saw that she wouldn't leave her back alone so the e-collar went back on, this time with a real collar with clasp, bell removed, instead of the gauze pseudo-collar.

A week later her wound was healing enough that hair was starting to grow again. I took the e-collar off for observation; Garb just went right back to licking her wound like crazy. After cleaning the e-collar again, I put the e-collar back on Garb. Week three, I took the e-collar off and Garb groomed herself all over, essentially treating her old wound like a regular dirty spot that needed cleaning instead of something that needed to be chewed off.

You can still see where the spot is on her back but instead of chawing on it, Garbo nudged Spook for comfort and, like the good man he is, he always complied. I'm not sure, but I think he was dead-asleep when he put an arm around her this particular time. Garb and Spook, Jenny and Forrest, peas and carrots.

Thinking Garbo's runny nose was due to a food allergy, the vet had given me a Ziploc baggy of some hypoallergenic food to see if the cats would like it. That food was like cat crack and I used the dry morsels like treats. For a while Spooky sat on command in anticipate of a hypoallergenic triangular bit of ecstasy. I'm pretty sure he'd have jumped through hoops of fire while riding a tricycle and juggling bowling pins for them.

I bought a bag. This stuff goes for about SEVEN BUCKS and change A POUND; the cats practically inhale it before their food bowls hit the floor.

I got a letter from the IRS early October saying I owed them a bunch of loot from a mistake I made on my 2012 taxes. My immediate reaction was "screw you" and then "okay, I see the mistake you painstakingly described to me in every possible way, but if I'm going to give you any money I'm going to spend that much on me (my Harley) too". I got the Harley rocker box gaskets - front, the leaky one, and back - replaced, new grips put on, full service, and detailing, something I never thought I'd pay labor for, particularly the detailing. (Shout out to Cycle Doctor! They're awesome!) My point is that if my kidlets, Baby Girl Garbo and Spooky-Dook, aka Booger, can eat meals of $7/lb, I should too. As soon as the vet bill is paid off, it's on. Don't be surprised if none of us can fit out the front door in a year.

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