Monday, September 8, 2014


Nate was down Thursday and asked about Spooky. Yep, Spook's still around. I dug up some photos I'd recently described to Chuck. About a year ago, Spook was laid out in his customary September 10 a.m. heat-disperson/absorption pose. I took the opportunity to demonstrate via photos how much Spook trusts me. Or how he's way into bathing. Or is so lazy he appears dead. If I took the same photos today, you'd see the results are the same except Spooky's lunch box is bigger and my shoes are more raggedy.

Photos as taken from my view:

Did Spook move at all? I rotated the same pics above so that Spooky was essentially in the same direction (no, I didn't break out a scale/ruler for precision) but cropped them so there wouldn't be tons of blank field.


That cat's got major trust. He didn't even blink, switch an ear, or twitch his tail as I moved around him, closer each time. I love this animal and swear he wasn't drugged at the time.

Meanwhile, Garbo was all "I'll throw up $5/lb food all over the kitchen floor before I chillax in the 5 cent paper bag I'll shred Spooky's face over if he gets too close".

It's all about trust.

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